Reasons Why Valeting Is The Best Option For Cleaning and Servicing?

A car is an intimate possession for many auto enthusiasts. To keep it safe, neat and clean for a longer period it requires regular maintenance and servicing. Whether it is a second-hand or brand new vehicle, every car requires a certain standard of maintenance.

When I purchased my first Toyota car, I was really excited to drive it to different destinations to have fun-filled times with loved ones. Simultaneously, I would spend my weekend on a strict cleaning routine, giving it a sparkling look in different ways covering washing, scrubbing, rinsing, drying or polishing.

Unfortunately this was a short time affair as I got caught up with responsibilities on the home and work front and it made it nearly impossible to spare some quality time to car cleaning. To overcome this, I decided that a better solution would be to hire a professional Valeter. This resulted in freeing me of some of my responsibility to regular car servicing at affordable pricing. I started seeing the benefits of the skilled Valeter – providing adequate services for the vehicle with several benefits, such as:

Time saver
It acts as a big time saver giving your vehicle instant cleaning using automatic techniques to car washing, shining and polishing.

Money saver
An experienced Valeter is trained to provide customised servicing to vehicles with the right tools and materials avoiding undue wastage of money.

Impressive Results
The Mobile car valeting services work wonders for every model or make of cars falling under different brand or section. The automatic car washing services provide impressive results to luxury car maintenance.

Enhances Resale Value of Cars
A vehicle that is maintained periodically without any reason would offer a lucrative deal at the time of resale. The proper upkeep makes it the apple of everyone’s eye, a secret buying wish of every consumer.

Whatever the reason may be, the main point is always keep your vehicle in good running condition through regular servicing as and when required. If you are seeking a reliable help to car cleaning services, then choose none other than TTCV, giving virtual benefits to car repair and refurbishment.

Why Choose a Valeting Service That Comes to You?

Mobile car valeting is available in Derby, Nottingham, Leicester and Burton on Trent and is increasing in popularity as customers discover the quality and convenience of our service.

TTCV have been delivering home car care to people in the area for longer than any other company, and we believe that our continued popularity is down to the standards we maintain, our customer focused service that works around you for maximum convenience, and the number of benefits that come with home valeting:

  • With TTCV you have an appointment time unique to you: which means no hanging around or queuing is needed
  • Avoid waiting while your vehicle is serviced: with mobile valeting you can enjoy the comfort of your own home, or get on with running your business
  • Save time and money on travelling to a valeting centre – no risk of getting stuck in a traffic jam
  • Our service delivers all the options of a good valet service anywhere – you won’t miss out
  • With regular and block bookings available, we can take the effort out of keeping your car or fleet in great condition.

Imagine being able to take it easy or get on with those pressing tasks while we take care of your car. With a comprehensive range of packages we will have one that best suits your requirements: find out more on the price guide page of our website.

If you want a service or treatment you don’t see listed, please feel free to ask.

Car Valet / Detail – Are They Two Different Things?

There is a little confusion about these two terms in the marketplace. In simple terms, if car valeting is like your regular brushing of the teeth at home then car detailing is like professional cleaning performed by the dentist. Let’s understand the meaning of each term separately in the following section:


On a number of occasions on public forums, an expert agreed that during car valeting a vehicle is cleaned, washed, waxed, polished and dressed. All of this is done as a general cleaning where expert wouldn’t be removing any parts of the car for cleaning. The major difference between them is waxing and a painting job which we’ll discuss later. Some workers at a dealership or garage will even go as far as decontaminating the paint of your car in an effort to make it look new again.

Within car detailing we understand that it is a somewhat more detailed cleaning of a car and a few things covered car detailing are not the part of car valeting. Wheels, trim, seats and other parts could potentially be removed in order to access them for a better clean.

As mentioned above another major difference is the paint treatments. Dual action polishers, pads and other tools are used in car detailing give a smooth, swirl free, new appearance and sometimes items like plastic headlights are polished to get rid of that ‘foggy’ look.

In Summary
A car valet is nowhere near as comprehensive as detailing. Ultimately it depends on how much you love your car, if its important then valet it, if its your pride and joy get it detailed.